Recommends Support For Football Players In Dundee United Striker

The Dundee United FC’s Lawrence Shankland has said something needs to be done to familiarise young footballers with the potential gambling harm.

The Scottish football player clarified that he saw his former co-players spending their earnings on betting to the manager of Gamtalk UK, the gaming prevention group. trusted casino online malaysia In his view, Shankland said that football agencies ought to ensure that they alert young soccer players of possible damage to their life caused by vulnerability to gambling.

Poker, Card Game, Casino, CardsSpeaking at Gämtalk on Instagram TV, Dundee United said that the Professional Footballers’ Association usually admonishes the youth to not participate (PFA). This is vital for players but little is really done, says Shankland, to educate young boys who become professionals.

Shankland said that a certain number of players go to bookmaker stores to gamble on horses or play roulette machines right after the exercise. This is something they can really do, but such playing can cause them to lose a very big share of their salaries, which after all are not that large. There is not enough information according to the striker. And make sure they know it could cost them all a gambling addiction.

Help with gambling dependence

Lawrence Shankland pointed out that the individual affected would avoid gambling but said that young footballers lack the resources they should use to realise how risky it is. In addition, gambling problems can be a larger concern for society, but Mr Shankland said that footballers’ success can worsen it only if gambling addiction is involved.

Dice, Poker, Random, Goblet, CasinoHe is concerned that soccer players can actively resist finding assistance, since they could be afraid that they are quickly acknowledged and that anyone will know them if they seek help. Any of them worry that their issue could be disclosed in both social media and tabloids and may avoid turning to a referral or care specialist.

Shankland, who also had a gambling problem, suggested that there should be an agency where soccer players who have addicted to gambling can speak to the general public without fear of identification. He also pointed out that gambling is also connected to self-esteem and self-esteem, as it allows players to trust both on and off the spot. Building trust by gambling is not a suggestion, however, particularly for young footballers who can easily afford to gamble money, to lose their debts and to encounter problems in their personal lives.

Reports on investigation 

The last reports indicate that West Ham has invested significantly in the team since their transfer to the stadium with a net expenditure of £214 million over the last four years. In the last year, they spent more than £1.5 million on scouts. In the restoration of the training site at Rush Green and Chadwell Heath they have already spent £10m. In answer to the accusations that the Board has declined to nominate Stuart Pearce. They participated in the reconstruction of the stadium during their tenure at the club, including three additional stands and 22,000 new sitting areas. St Andrews has now been granted Community Value Status Asset.

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